Children's Pirate Book for iPad Update On The Way! | The Day I Became A Pirate

A new update for the Pirate book is on the way, and it’s no joke!

The primary reason for this one is to peel back the cover a little bit to reveal the initial navigation button, which was until now hidden among The Captain’s coat. I have received a handful of complaints that ‘the book doesn’t work’ from people who were having a hard time finding the start button on the cover page. This update fixes this problem, as well as adds a few new adjustments to make some of the animations work better.

Another one I will point out is on the Pirate X-Ray Machine page; previously the X-Ray Machine would only appear if you tapped on the boy’s face. Now it appears as the page loads, alleviating the confusion if you happened to click on some of the X-Ray Machine buttons before it appeared on the page.

For the new version, we are also adding a few social tools that will allow you to share the book link with friends, and provide feedback for the iTunes store.

I hope you are all enjoying the book; I look forward to hearing from you!