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Pirate Costume IdeasWhen it comes to building your own pirate costume, there are a handful of things you’ll need to make sure everyone knows you are a pirate, and not just some scallywag from the local dance troupe.

So here are the Top Ten Things Every Pirate Costume Needs:

1. A Hat or Scarf.
Fer starters, yer gonna need somethin’ to protect yer noggin from the sun. Other than that, it’s one of the best ways to look piratey without spending yer entire booty. Go with a hat to look like The Captain, or with a scarf or bandana to look like The Crew.

2. Earring
Adding an earring to yer pirate costume is a must; they’re fun to wear and can be made with as much as a paperclip if you are desperate. It’s a great way to show some bold sass, and can be used as a fishing lure if you find yourself stranded on the high seas.

3. Scar
Every pirate worth their salt has a scar. It proves you have some fightin’ experience, and is fun to brag about over a mug of ale during shore leave. A quick stroke with an eyeliner usually does the trick; no need to go fer the real thing in this day and age.

4. Boots
Boots are a keystone of yer pirate costume. Pirates wear boots for a couple of reasons, not least of which is to make them seem just a little taller. Other reasons include ‘looking cool’ and protection from a splashy deck. Don’t forget to curl the tops down a little to keep the waves from splashing up onto your pants.

5. Peg Leg
OK, this one is a bit of an option; a peg leg isn’t necessarily required, but it does make fer a good opportunity to tell a tale of treachery on the high seas. I recommend blaming it on a shark or seafaring crocodile, but you can invoke the Kraken for a really tall tale. Tip: Wrap your leg in ace-bandage for a wood-like look below the knee.

6. Big Buckle
Pirates love a nice buckle to hold up their drawers; the bigger the better. A nice square brass one is a favorite on the high seas. Look to your local second-hand store fer an inexpensive facsimile.

7. Coat or Vest
It really doesn’t matter which, but most pirates wear a coat or vest to show off a little color and dazzle all who look upon it. The flashier and more arrogant, the better. Of course, this is optional, and there ain’t nothin’ wrong with going in a simple peasant shirt or something flamboyantly fluffy.

8. Cutlass
Nothing says ‘pirate’ like a cutlass. A knife makes a good alternative, but a cutlass is classic pirate costume fare and isn’t too hard to come up with if you are a little creative. Cut one out of that old cardboard box your oranges came in, and cover the blade end with tinfoil.

9. Scowl
Perhaps the easiest part of your Pirate Costume, all you have to do is practice a little in the mirror. For inspiration, imagine one of your parents telling you to clean your room, or do your homework. -I find this works even for adults.

10. Eye Patch
Finally, no pirate costume is complete without an eye patch. There are lots of rumors as to why pirates wear an eye patch; one has them wearing it over one eye on deck, and then switching to the other eye when they go below so that their other eye is ready for the dark of the cabin. These are easy to find, but in a pinch you can use some string and a small patch of cardboard.

Start collecting yer items now fer later in the year for Halloween, or Talk Like A Pirate Day.