Children's Pirate Book for iPad The Pirate Ship Gets Closer | The Day I Became A Pirate

The Pirate Ship Gets CloserAnother favorite page from The Day I Became A Pirate: This one has our young lad a little frightened as a pirate ship is seen on the horizon (on the previous page) and he has sought higher ground to get a better look.

To his dismay, the ship is getting closer, and he can now see the crew aboard. The sight of the crew and the ship has him pretty worried, and his concern grows as the ship begins to slow to a stop in the small bay before him.

As he looks up a down the beach for a place to run or hide, he realizes he has no where to go, and will soon be confronted by frightening pirates, indeed!

I found a spot and turned around and nearly lost my breath,
The ship was getting closer and it had a look of death;
The crew aboard was ragged; looking dirty, dank and rough,
Their clothes were torn and tattered and they all looked pretty tough.
I quickened up my pace a bit as the ship began to slow,
But I found myself too far away from anywhere to go.

If you don’t already have the story on your iPad or iPhone, you may want to as soon as you can so you can find out what happens to The Boy.

I can tell the tension is getting to you.