Children's Pirate Book for iPad The Pirate Ode | The Day I Became A Pirate

The Day I Became A Pirate features a short song I wrote as part of the story. The song is sung by The Captain to The Boy at the critical turning point in the story. The Boy is frightened as The Captain steps back out of his boat and approaches him with a stern look.

The Captain demands that The Boy ‘kneel upon the ground’. With his heart nearly pounding out of his chest, The Boy kneels to the ground, unsure of what might happen next, but worried it might be trouble. As he does, The Captain raises his cutlass and sings The Pirate Ode:

A Pirate is a nasty beast, we love to kick and fight,
And to a pirate none the least, is winning makes it right!
But when a fellow pirate falls, we stop all that we do,
For when the pirate duty calls, to all for one we’re true.
By pirate code we all shall stand, to every mate we lend a hand.

This pirate ditty is an original song I wrote for the book. I have big plans for it; movie, TV, …world tour! …but for now I am happy to whistle it around the house, occasionally.

Aside from that, my boys and I recite it together while driving in the car or getting ready for bed; it has become somewhat of a creed to remind us that family is the most important, and that we are each ready to drop what we are doing to help each other when the need arises.

For those of you instrumentally inclined, check out The Pirate Ode Sheet Music.

© Copyright 2012 Cary Snowden