Children's Pirate Book for iPad Siri Sings The Pirate Ode | The Day I Became A Pirate

siri sings pirate songI was driving with the kids today when we began to muse on what it would sound like if Siri sang The Pirate Ode from The Day I Became A Pirate.

With a little encouragement she came through. Using a combination of text messages and Garageband, I was able to record the track; It has us all in stitches!

I am going to name the MP3 ‘Sing the Pirate Ode’, and place it into the iTunes playlist on my iPhone. Next time I ask Siri to ‘Sing the Pirate Ode’, the MP3 will play and it will sound like Siri is singing The Pirate Ode in response! -My new party trick.

Here’s the clip, if you have ever wondered what Siri does in her spare time…

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Here are the words to The Pirate Ode if you want to sing along:

A Pirate is a nasty beast, we love to kick and fight,
And to a pirate none the least, is winning makes it right!
But when a fellow pirate falls, we stop all that we do,
For when the pirate duty calls, to all for one we’re true.
By pirate code we all shall stand, to every mate we lend a hand.

© Copyright 2012 Cary Snowden