Children's Pirate Book for iPad Redbeard (aka ‘Red’) | The Day I Became A Pirate

Redbeard joined the crew as a deckhand many years ago. He has proven to be a high achiever with an eye on progress (the one without the patch).

As a deckhand he proved adept at raising the sails and was known for his bravery in scaling the ship. When a head rigging became stuck and someone had to climb out on a boom to loose it, Red (—as his mates call him), would walk out on the boom with the confidence of a tightrope walker. He also proved to be quite good in the galley…

Red was promoted to Chief Steward about a year ago when the former cook was caught substituting Alaskan pollock for fresh crab. The former cook was made to walk the plank, and Red has been feeding the crew, since.

With traditional Scottish temperament and the skills to best any man at almost any pirate game, Red has gained a reputation as a capable pirate. The fact that he is also one of the best chefs on the high seas makes him a valued member of the crew.

Captain Black has a high degree of respect for Red, and appreciates his unwavering loyalty. The Captain has relied upon him many times in tense situations, and Red has proven time and again that he is trustworthy, loyal, and helpful (though not always friendly,  courteous, or kind).

He plays the pirate flute, too, but more on that later…

Red wears a heart tattoo on his arm in loving memory of his mother, who taught him how to cook and to strive always to work hard, respect others, and fight to win.

Illustration by Zach Clough