Children's Pirate Book for iPad Parrots, Turtles, and Clams; Oh My! | The Day I Became A Pirate

I’ve been getting excited about the many adornments that are coming together for my pirate book app. It has been an exciting process and with each page comes a new set of ideas as I continue to learn about the software and build on ideas for sounds, motions, and animations.

One of the things we are adding along the way are what I am calling ‘adornments’; things we didn’t really plan on in the beginning, but that add some activity to each page and even a small side-story or two. I have placed them around the book to reveal clues, play a sound or spark an action to make an already-fun pirate book app just that much more fantastic.

Zach Clough has produced a number of them already, and we’ll likely come up with a few more as we head into the home stretch (we are more than halfway through the pages, and they are coming faster and faster as we go).

A few that we have completed include a group of clams (…that seem about to sing…), a pirate parrot that actually flies through the pages, an automated crab that scurries along the beach and a surprised turtle.

That’s right; I said ‘surprised turtle‘. I won’t tell you what the turtle is so surprised about, but I think you’ll be surprised, too. …I was.  🙂

I’ll post a few more adornments as we go along to give you a peek into the book before it becomes available later this Spring. Until then, keep an eye out for new updates and help me spread the word, Matey. -May yer life be filled with treasures! Ayyye!

Cary Snowden