Children's Pirate Book for iPad Meet Stash | The Day I Became A Pirate

Stash grew a full mustache before any of his school friends could muster a single whisker. Everyone started calling him ‘Stash’ and the name stuck. We don’t even know what his real name is, and it’s likely even he doesn’t remember.

Because of his early onset facial hair, Stash was always regarded as more mature for his age. This gave him a well-established reputation as a ‘go-to’ leader and helped him develop high self-esteem and a terrific self-confidence. His rather short stature has never been an issue, especially among pirates.

He is an accomplished tumbler, and prides himself on out-maneuvering even the most adept of foes with dazzling gymnastics. It is truly wonderful to watch.

Stash gained the complete trust of The Captain almost immediately. An incident on a small pirate island in the Tasman Sea involving a mutinous scallywag and plans to steal The Captain’s booty tested Stash’s loyalty. He bravely protected The Captain’s interests with a wily cunning that had the offending pirate running for the hills with nothing more than his shirt.

The Captain rewarded his loyalty with an advance to First Mate, where he has served loyally since. He holds the admiration of the crew and is a kind-but-stern leader who doesn’t fool around when it comes to keeping things in order.

With the complete respect of the crew, Stash gets things done and is always one step ahead.