Children's Pirate Book for iPad Meet Jerry | The Day I Became A Pirate

Meet Jerry

Jerry’s last name is Attrick. Go figure that he is also the oldest pirate on the ship, although not by as much as you would guess by his early-onset white hair and beard.

He also happens to be the wisest, and is often included in council with The Captain. He is steadfastly loyal to The Captain and the rest of the crew and is liked by all who meet him.

Jerry is an excellent navigator, and knows his sextant like the back of his hand. He has taken first prize in the last 7 Pirate Navigation Games and is respected throughout all pirate circles as an unyielding opponent.

Jerry is also known for his willingness to jump at a moment’s notice to help anyone in need. This recently got him into trouble as he was about to prepare a meal of swordfish when The Captain shouted for help with the rigging. Rather than leave the meal for later, Jerry took extreme measures and found himself in digestive peril.

He’ll never do that again.