Children's Pirate Book for iPad Meet Harry | The Day I Became A Pirate

Harry from The Day I Became A PirateHarry enjoys the irony of being a bald pirate. He also enjoys a good wordplay with homophones because, unlike Red, Harry is very well read.

He often knows more than he lets on, and has a reputation as being somewhat of a walking encyclopedia. He spends his every spare minute reading any book he can find and has a sharp memory.

When the crew want to know about an animal they spot in the water, or about a star they see at night, they turn to Harry for the details and he rarely disappoints. He also knows a lot about how the ship works and what to do with the sails if they get caught in the weather, or knot.

Looming and gruff, Harry is not a pirate with whom you’ll want to trifle. He takes his job seriously and, despite his scrappy appearance, has an eye for detail and knows how to handle a knife. He also knows that his bookworm image softens his pirate reputation, so he practices looking mean and wears a scowl on his face for effect.

He may one day marry. He has a girlfriend and works aboard the ship to earn money and saves every penny so he can return to her and has plans to buy a small cottage near the sea. They are both certain to be merry for ever thereafter. Her name is (you guessed it) Mary.