Children's Pirate Book for iPad Make Your Own Pirate Flag | The Day I Became A Pirate

Make Your Own Pirate FlagReady for a fun kids project? Need a Jolly Roger for the cubicle, board room or front door?

Here’s how to make your own pirate flag, appropriate for display anywhere.

Download the Pirate Flag PDF and follow the instructions included on the second page. The PDF includes the Jolly Roger from The Day I Became A Pirate book app, a list of materials you’ll need, and a quick set of instructions.

Here are the instructions:

YOUNG PIRATES: Make sure you have parent or teacher permission.

Things you’ll need: printer, scissors, three long straws, tape, paper cup.

  1. Print page 1 of the Pirate Flag PDF document.
  2. Cut the flag out from the printed page.
  3. Connect the three long straws together by ‘crinkling’ the end 
of one, and inserting it into the other.
  4. Tape the straws to the back of the flag along the left edge.
  5. Poke a hole in the bottom of the cup, turn it upside down 
and push the straw through the hole.
  6. Tape the bottom of the straw to the inside of the cup.
  7. Display proudly and say Yarrr

PS: Definitely a good idea for Talk Like A Pirate Day, this September 19th.