Children's Pirate Book for iPad How To Create Your Own Book App | The Day I Became A Pirate

As I have been working on The Day I Became A Pirate, and getting ready with a few more books to follow, I have been receiving questions from other authors about how to do various things in the TaleSpring online software.

I spoke with TaleSpring and got permission to start a How To TaleSpring series of videos I plan to post on how to create your own book app and how to take advantage of some of the tools in the software.

Having nearly finished my own pirate book app, I am ready to start sharing my experience in actually creating the book and hopefully saving new authors the trouble of learning some of these things through trial and error.

This first one was created in response to a question I received from a new author who is using TaleSpring to create his own book app. I did not originally intend on staring with ‘Text’, but it is a fairly fundamental element of book-making, so I suppose it is as good as any topic to begin with.

Here is the video: How to TaleSpring: Text