How To TaleSpring

If you are thinking about creating your own book app, TaleSpring is where I recommend you do it. I built The Day I Became A Pirate in TaleSpring, and here’s how I did it…

Before you begin, go get a TaleSpring account for free.

How To TaleSpring – Working With Text

Here is a quick overview of how to work with text in TaleSpring, including an overview of the two primary ways you can add text to your book app, and an introduction to synching your voice-over to your story text.

How To TaleSpring – Creating Multi-image Animations

Here is an overview of how you can create animations in your TaleSpring book app using multiple images. This technique will allow you to animate a serious of images to create a full-motion animation for a character or object that has a moving part. There are other ways to animate objects, but this process will allow you to create fairly complex motions that looks smooth and natural.