The Making Of

As I worked to create The Day I Became A Pirate as a book app, I took notes and collected various experienced that I planned to circle back to and share with other authors and illustrators.  This page will grow with videos on how to create a book app. Hopefully I can save you some time and provide some tips that will help you bring your own story to life.

My first advice: Build a book app instead of or in addition to a printed book. There are more than a million reasons why (literally), but I’ll spare you the details and cut to the chase: our kids are growing up in a digital world, and books apps are ‘it’.

TaleSpring for Self-publishingMy second advice is to build your book in the TaleSpring environment. Unless you have access to a development team, and a pile of cash under the mattress, you are probably thinking that having your own book app in iTunes is beyond your reach. I am here to tell you that it is not only possible to launch a first-class book app to iTunes for less than $300, but that I have done it, and it is awesome!*

Get a TaleSpring account; it’s free. Start working on your book right now, and watch my How To TaleSpring videos to learn what you can do and how to do it.

Third advice: Check out Karen Robertson‘s new book titled What is a Book App and Could You Create One? -How 27 Writers Did. This ebook features a collection of stories from other authors who have successfully created their own book apps. Using the interview approach, Karen accumulates a lifetime of wisdom in 27 experiences that range from do-it-yourself to managing contract developers. The book is very worthwhile and includes my own story as one of the successful authors.

*Note that I did not say it would be ‘easy’. Between us, Zach and I invested over 300 hours of time to create The Day I Became A Pirate. That’s a lot of elbow grease. Whew!