Children's Pirate Book for iPad From Pirates to Aliens! | The Day I Became A Pirate

!!!ScreenSnapz074Ahoy! I’ve been holding my breath to announce that my second children’s book app, My Ride With The Alien, is finally available in the iTunes App Store!

In a slight diversion from the treacherous beach of The Day I Became A Pirate, My Ride With The Alien is about a young girl who meets a friendly alien and their adventure together as they tour the solar system. This kids book is fun and educational for ages 3 to 12.

I teamed again with illustrator Zack Clough to produce a rhyming story that I hope will entertain and inspire young children to learn more about our solar system. If all goes well, they won’t even know they are learning as they explore the many activities included in the book.

The interactive book app features an educational overview of the solar system with activity pages for each of the planets. Each activity page includes amazing photographs, engaging sounds and fun facts. A highlight of the book app is a unique Build Your Own Planet activity that let’s younger readers use their imagination to come up with their own planet designs.

With over 370 tap-able items, this app is as entertaining as it is educational.

You can download My Ride With The Alien in the iTunes App Store, in the Book App section.

I hope you like it, and please – if you have a moment, rate the app in iTunes and leave me a review. Thank you!