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What-is-a-Book-App-karen-robertsonAustin, Texas – “What Is A Book App And Could You Create One? -How 27 Writers Did!” is the new eBook that’s right for any writer or illustrator who is wondering if their book could be a book app for Apple or Android devices (like the iPad), and it’s Free to download from April 9th – April 13th.

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In this eBook, children’s book app author, speaker and coach, Karen Robertson, explains what a book app is, why it’s such an exciting publishing option, reveals a Karen Robertsonproven process for creating book apps, and presents the personal stories of 27 other writers who’ve published their books as apps for the iPad and other devices. From these 27 stories, others can see that there are a lot of ways to publish books as apps, and if these people can do it, others can too.

Published author-illustrator, Roxie Munro, has transformed two of her Roxi Munro Author Illustratorworks into book apps and her story is included in the FREE eBook. “The interactive concepts inherent in my books, and even my art style, made them ideal for the book app format. I was thrilled, and ready to embrace new technology,” said Roxie. Both of your apps are available for the iPad.

When Nina Lim‘s initial “yes” became a “no” at a publisher’s editorial meeting, she took her career into her own hands and published her book as a book app. “I’ve now Nina Lim Children's Book Authorpublished two book apps and have been approached by another book app publisher to write for them,” Nina shares.

A busy high-tech professional, father of four, and passionate writer, cary_snowden-photo1Cary Snowden, felt he was burning through time as he played the traditional publishing game. Fate stepped in when he met a colleague at a networking event who talked about a new, do-it-yourself book app publishing platform. Cary reveals, “As a book app, ‘The Day I Became a Pirate‘ delivers a story experience far beyond what I could have done in print. I’m hooked!'”

Melissa Northway is a passionate book app creator and marketer. The idea to create a melissa-northway-authorchildren’s book app had been in her head since her daughter was about six months old. The inspiration of her daughter helped create Penelope The Purple Pirate book app.  Melissa says “This is an exciting time to be a writer and to make ones dream of writing and creating an app is much easier than you might think.”

Read their stories and two dozen more for Free between April 9-13 in “What Is A Book App And Could You Create One? -How 27 Writers Did!

This eBook is available exclusively on Amazon Kindle(TM).

You don’t have to have a Kindle e-reader to read a Kindle eBook. There is a Free Kindle app that lets you read books from the Amazon Kindle store on your Apple iPad or Android compatible devices. It’s easy to use and the app is Free.

Karen Robertson is an international speaker and lecturer on how writers can turn their stories into book apps. She’s written numerous eBooks on the topic including “What Is A Book App And Could You Create One? -How 27 Writers Did!,” “Author’s Guide to Book Apps,” “How to Choose a Book App Developer” and “How to Market a Book App.” She’s written two award-winning book apps, “Treasure Kai and the Lost Gold of Shark Island” and “Treasure Kai and the Seven Cities of Gold.”

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