Children's Pirate Book for iPad Excerpt Two: Feeling Quite Aghast | The Day I Became A Pirate

I could see a lot of sails

and a flag above the mast,

And what I saw upon it

left me feeling quite aghast…

The second line in the book The Day I Became A Pirate gives a closer look at the ship and implies a sense of doom when our hero sees something on the flag that causes him some fright.

The word “aghast” means “filled with horror and shock,” which was a perfect word to describe how The Boy felt when he noticed the ship coming over the horizon was a pirate ship. It also rhymes with “mast,” so it was more than perfect for the phrase.

Can you guess what The Boy saw on the flag that caused him so much concern? The next excerpt will reveal all. In the meantime, here is an image of the original ship done by Zach Clough. When we first talked about the ship we thought of it as being a simple ship with a single mast so we could show the pirates on board, but we quickly determined that a single mast just wasn’t big enough for a proper pirate ship.

The image attached to this post is Zach’s first rendition of the pirate ship before we went back to the drawing board. I liked this version, but the second version that appears in the book is much better, and we both agree.

The Day I Became A Pirate
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