Children's Pirate Book for iPad Congratulations To Our Winner! | The Day I Became A Pirate


Aileen K. won the Mother’s Day trivia contest, and our Pirate Booty necklace.

Penelope The Purple Pirate author Melissa Northway asked how many young a female oyster may produce in a lifetime.

The answer: over 100 million. Wow!

Many Thanks and appreciation for Lynne at for making the booty for the giveaway; it is amazing (and sparkly)!

And Many Thanks to Melissa Northway for inviting me to join the online Mother’s Day Facebook party; that was a new experience for me and it was exciting, interesting and fun to watch so many people get together from all over the world to share a good time.

Super cool!

PS: Watch this space for more details on our next pirate booty giveaway – I have already ordered more incredible necklaces!