Children's Pirate Book for iPad Captain’s Log: Progress Ahead, Matey! | The Day I Became A Pirate

We are making some hefty strides toward our goal to have the pirate book completed this Spring.

Zach Clough is working hard on the illustrations and turning out some of the most exciting and colorful drawings of our pirate crew.

Zach has also been busy creating wonderful adornments and special features including our Pirate Parrot Button, which will appear on each page and allow you to listen to a reading of The Day I Became A Pirate as you progress from page to page.

We are working through the recordings for the narration, and a lot of hidden sounds and voices that you will be able to discover as you click through the book on your iPad. I am getting to know the online development environment at TaleSpring a lot more and have been excited in early testing of how the sounds will play on the iPad.

I’ll be posting some examples of the audio as we get them produced, and look forward to sharing more tidbits from the book as we work to bring an amazing collection of illustrations, sounds and animations together into an adventure that I hope will become one of your favorite book apps.