Children's Pirate Book for iPad Captain Black | The Day I Became A Pirate

According to his own self-proclaimed legend, Captain Black hails from ‘far Down Under‘. Although no clarifying back-story is offered, many think this is in reference to his early days as a pirate off the shores of Australia.

According to pirate legend, Captain Black terrified sailors on the high seas near and about Australia including the coastal areas of New Zealand and Tasmania. He was known to find port near Manly Beach in the earliest of days to treat his men to an ale or two before heading out to sea. Sometimes his ship would be at sea for many months at a time, so a break on The Corso was a welcomed treat for the crew.

Not tall in stature, Captain Black makes up for a lack of height with a threatening air about him, and a penchant for wielding his cutlass in the face of danger. Terrifying; yes, but always willing to give a man his due and to offer fair reward for a good deed done.

The Captain is the fearless leader of our band of pirates. He is a very capable seaman and has earned the respect and admiration of his crew. None dare cross him; he has been known to throw a pirate or two overboard when mutinous words have been spoken.

His reputation among pirates is that of a fierce, quick-acting captain who’s only loyalty is to The Pirate Ode. (…to be continued.)

The Day I Became A Pirate, is still on track to be available on iPad in Spring of 2012. We’ll keep you posted! Thanks for stopping by!

Illustration by Zach Clough