Children's Pirate Book for iPad AlphaDigits Gives ‘Pirate’ A Great Review | The Day I Became A Pirate

reading is fun with pirates wrote up a great review on The Day I Became A Pirate.

After explaining that book apps for the iPad (and the like) are changing the industry with great content that can be purchased for a buck or two, AphaDigits said this:

The Day I Became A Pirate is one such book that offers a story with a lot of surprising elements.”

The Captain and crew are thrilled to be recognized for having ‘a lot of surprising elements’. Say that out loud in your Talk Like A Pirate Day voice; it sounds awesome, yarrr.

The review sums up with a nod to our children’s book category, saying…

With story, puzzles, suspense and clues, this app would really be an entertainment package if you have kids at home.”

-Which is a nice payoff and a great endorsement to our target audience.

The title of the review is Reading is Fun with The Day I Became A Pirate. The book is also featured on their Home Page as a Featured App.

I am glad they liked it!