Children's Pirate Book for iPad The Author | The Day I Became A Pirate

The Author

Cary Snowden is the author of The Day I Became A Pirate.

Growing up, Cary enjoyed writing short stories for school. He still cherishes the handwritten draft of his first official creative writing assignment from sixth grade.

For reasons not yet understood, Cary enjoyed the writing assignments more than anything else. He excelled in reports and creative writing projects, and distracted himself with private poems and short stories.

Later, a job in high tech would give him plenty of opportunity to hone his writing skills as a specialist in marketing communications. Marriage and a young family gave him a whole new reason to make up exciting stories for bedtime entertainment, and further develop a love for a good adventure story. With bedtime story telling a popular request around the house, Cary started writing them down and working them into rhyme.

He now has a collection of rhyming children’s stories, short stories, poems and two novels that he plans to publish. The Day I Became A Pirate is the first of many children’s stories Cary plans to publish on digital media, facilitated by a friendship with the inventor of TaleSpring, an online digital publishing platform.

Cary spends his days working as an entrepreneur in the online media services space.

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